D.J. TaeKwonDo

We only offer private lessons for optimal student learning.

Our commitment to every student is growth and responsibility through TaeKwonDo

모든 학생에 대한 우리의 약속은 태권도를 통한 성장과 책임입니다

Our classes are taught exclusively by Grand Master J. Han. Grand Master Han is a Kukkiwon-certified instructor since 2002.

우리 학교는 J. Han 그랜드 마스터가 독점적으로 가르치고 있습니다. 한 노사는 2002년부터 국기원 자격증을 취득한 사범이다.

Our Grand Master teaches every student:

우리 학교는 모든 학생에게 다음을 가르칩니다.

Respect 존경

Confidence 신뢰

Courage 용기

Self-Esteem 자아 존중감

Discipline 규율

A passion for an environment friendly to all individuals.

Our comprehensive and traditional TaeKwonDo has students ranging from 4 – 70 years of age.

We accept all ages and skill levels.

Renovation and restoration of our society

Experience the fusion of experience and real-life application with DJ TaeKwonDo.

Continuous Support

Our staff will support all students from the first day enrolled without end.

App Access

All parents have access to services via their individual web portal.


Our staff is the highest quality and caliper in the world.

Student expectations

All students are expected to show up and be respectful to the instructor. All students learn at different paces. We respect all, we expect the same from all.


Students are not just given belts at our school. Students are expected to earn their belts.

An array of resources

We have several ways for our students to learn and gain comfort. Our Grand Master and school staff are just a telephone call away for any needs.

Parental web access

  • View your profile online
  • View any invoices online
  • Communicate with the school staff directly

Our Newsletter

  • Keep abreast of happenings in our school
  • See our student of the month

The staff of DJ TaeKwonDo has helped thousands of students in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We unlock the insights and mental strength many have never thought possible or seen within themselves.

Our commitments to all our parents and students are simple…

We will never advance a student unless they have demonstrated their skills and abilities. We are not a belt mill. Our students work hard to obtain what they achieve. We reward our students for their hard work and dedication.

We will never allow any student to participate in any tournament at a belt other than what they have earned.

DJ TaeKwonDo

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